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In most developing nations, there is dire need for the agricultural sector to increase output and to produce more food to safeguard food security to feed the growing populations. Despite a significant part of the population earning direct livelihood from agriculture and related activities, productivity and income generation within the sector remains low. Lack of knowledge, and critical skills in modern food production, and post-harvest management techniques and marketing at the smallholder level, is a core problem. Capacity building interventions across the East African region thus requires innovation and flexible approaches to change this shortcoming.

Alika Capacity Building Gallery

Alika Project Manager Mr. Charles Ngetich advising Caren Ventures on Grain Quality

We apply an integrated enterprise and technical value chain-based approach to cater for the specific needs of the largely smallholder farmers. Our interventions cover a wide range of models—from market assessment, Value chain analysis, short training courses to long-term design and reform processes of smallholder farmers ecosystems. We work at integrating technical and entrepreneurial approaches by applying selected tools from a comprehensive set of services such as:

  • Agri-enterprise capacity development of smallholder farmers and trainers of trainers.

  • Design of target-oriented delivery modes e.g., on-farm, mobile and extension services

  • Value Chain Mapping and Analysis

  • Conceptual Support for sector framework and models

  • Design, review and customize skill needs and operational standards, curricula, and training programs.

  • We favour a competency-based approach in capacity building that integrates practical training in enterprises.

  •  Emphasis on group-specific modes of delivery, language use and didactical methods as to optimize learning success and adoption rates.



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