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  • Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) training

          GAP is an efficient and excellent tool for effective disease management for soil-borne pathogens. ALIKA train                          farmers to significantly contribute to ecological balance by minimizing soil pollution and practicing crop rotation.

  • Capacity Building and PHHM training

          Development of Training Materials on PHHM, Farmer Demonstrations using PHHM equipment and tools.

  • Commodity Grades and Standards Training

           Experts in grain standards harmonization, institutional training and grading on grain standards.

  • Sensitization of Warehouse Receipt System (WRS)

           We train and coach farmer groups to develop business partnerships with farmers’ organizations and buyers and                     strengthening warehouse financing.

  • Structured Commodity Trade Finance (SCTF)

            ALIKA establishes markets where participants in the grain trade have a more open and orderly market where the                  rules of trade governing the trading of produce are structured.

  • Business Development Services

            We have developed a range of business support options that can be applied to develop small businesses targeting                agribusiness sector.

  • Business Mentorship

             ALIKA specializes in mentoring commodity traders, farmer groups, and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by                 partnering with experts from legal, financial, or other professions to offer guidance, advice, and training on                               entrepreneurship.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

              ALIKA Ltd has developed a robust M&E data management system and tools used by Agriculture sector M&E                            specialist.

  • Value Additions

               In addition to commodity trading activities, Alika Limited has a subsidiary company Alika Farms involved in                             processing Maize flour and Animal Feeds. Therefore, Alika has inherent in-house practical capacity to graduate                       the potential farmers from subsistence farming through the steps into value additions activities. Further Alika has                 a huge repository of Value chain studies at its disposal that will aid in developing the various value addition                               options that the farmers may wish to venture in.

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